Owner Financing Available

Baja Dream Properties- Owner Financing Available


Baja Dream Properties owns all of our Pacific Coast property  outright and is not held hostage by any lending institution forcing us to make painful and costly monthly payments.


This considerable advantage allows us the ability to be patient in our sales efforts, and flexible when it comes to meeting the financial objectives of our buyers. 


We recognize in these uncertain times buyers may want the ability to preserve some of their cash, but recognize the significant value of owning Pacific Coast beachfront and ocean view property.  

We have adopted flexible owner financing terms in order to assist you. 


Call us. We want to help you.  

+1 877-352-BAJA (2252)


For specifics about our available lending programs, we need to better understand your financial background so we can tailor a plan to meet your needs.


Third Party Lenders


There are other financial institutions that are willing to lend on your home or help you finance a home.  The list below is only a sample.  Whether you take advantage of our unique owner financing or wish to use a third-party lender, we are here to assist you every step of the way.


Mortgages in Mexico

Mex Lend

Baja Capital Mortgage