La Paz

More than 90 feet of pristine beachfront property is available with the purchase of two, side-by-side four-acre parcels. This is the way to go if you want to take advantage of owning our only side-by-side beachfront lots. Buy them both and double your slice of paradise. 8 acres, almost a 100-feet of beachfront property for $120k.

This beachfront property - like all of our Pacific Coast property is fully deeded, owned outright, and already secured with US Title Insurance. We're offering this 4-acre property for $60k. About 15 minutes from Hwy 1, less than an hour from La Paz and the international airport. Water available. Power nearby.

Just $60k for this Pacific Ocean Beachfront property. This is an amazing deal. 4-acres, with more than 40-feet of white, sandy beachfront. This property is less than an hour from the International airport in La Paz. Water is available from nearby Conquista Agraria and the Mexican Goverment brought in nearby power.


La Paz is a small city located approximately 80 miles north of the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula where it faces the Sea of Cortez.

Conquista Agraria is convienently located on the Pacific Coast -- right off the main paved road of Hwy 1 -- less than an hour northwest of La Paz and the International Airport. 

4 Acres of Incredible Pacifc Coast Beachfront Property for $75K

This lot includes the following property features:

Live By the Sea

Experience fishing from the beach or a small boat, kite boarding, snorkeling, diving for shellfish, quad travel, bike riding, or just strolling along the miles of unspoiled coastline.


Your front door view for 60K 

Pacific Ocean Property Price Comparisons

There are three planned communities currently under development within a few miles of our properties. As these home sites are bought, built upon and sold, property values in the area will continue to rise.
"I think that out-of-favor real estate in Mexico, that's easily accessible to Americans, represents a great buy. It's not such a bad idea to diversify away from stocks. Mexico properties have no property taxes, are easy to maintain and there are property managers everywhere"

-- CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer

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